Friday, April 11, 2014

Televised Mediations Are Unlikely to Solve Venezuela’s Problems

In response to the intercession of Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and the Vatican, the leaders of the opposition embodied in a group called the Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) have agreed to mediate their disputes with the government of Nicolás Maduro. The mediation is to be televised continuously. Chief among the opposition is Henrique Capriles, who was the MUD's opponent to Maduro in the last election, "losing" by a paper-thin margin. The problem is that Capriles and his friends historically have not truly been opposition and have silently accepted Maduro’s usurpation of the presidency and his control over the judicial and legislative powers.  

I am reminded of the Russian revolution’s concept of “useful idiots” or “useful innocents.” The phrase describes employing a phony opposition to give the illusion that decisions are being made in democratic fashion, since there is alleged discussion and compromise achieved after democratic debate and voting, when in fact the party in power dictates everything, and the elections are rigged.

What leads me to conclude there is no hope for real success is that the students, who are the ones who have manned the barricades, and who have borne the brunt of the attacks from the colectivos and the National Guard, are not part of the process. Leopoldo Lopez is still in jail with trumped up charges. The students, particularly in the western part of the country, appear unfazed by the televised circus of the mediation.

I can only suspect that if the Castros are watching, they are grinning like cats that swallowed the canary.


  1. Could not agree more! It is no more than a circus.

  2. You can't negotiate with Communists, and I agree that the MUD are the useful idiots every dictator needs to stick around. The whole purpose of the so called dialogue is to take attention away from the students who are risking their lives for a better future.