Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Browsing YouTube for examples of Arturo Sandoval’s magical trumpet playing, I came across this spectacular nine minutes:
Sandoval, the subject of Andy Garcia’s inspiring film, For Love of Country, is a Cuban-American who is widely recognized as the preeminent trumpet player of our time. As someone who at one time had planned to be a classical trumpet player, I was struck by the instrument he is now playing—a combination of brass and carbon fiber.

I was totally unaware that carbon fiber had replaced any part of a trumpet and was interested to learn that Sandoval is now playing one manufactured by daCarbo, a Swiss manufacturer. The world has certainly changed from the time when Schilke and Bach Stradivarius were the most sought-after horns. Part of the pizzazz of trumpets was always their gleaming brass or silver bells that reflected the lights. Sadly, carbon fiber bells, like stealth fighters, reflect nothing.

The glitz may be gone, but the sound is magnificent. I hope you enjoy Arturo’s magic.

p.s. Many thanks to those of you who have called or written about the Honorable Mention Award from the New York Book Festival.

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