Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chavez's Health Problems May Have Been Worsened by Prior Steroid Medication

Nelson Bocaranda is Venezuelan journalist turned presidential health informant who has a blog named Runrunes (buzz, buzzes). He also is a contributor to El Universal, one of the most important newspaper in Venezuela. Below is a translation of a blog posting he published today concerning the state of Chavez’s health after the operation he underwent yesterday in Havana.
RUNRUNES, by Nelson Bocaranda, February 29, 2012

Unfortunately, the news emanating from the island are not very encouraging. The exploratory procedure that the impatient patient underwent raised many doubts on the one hand, and on the other, it confirmed the existing fears that resulted from the many tomographies and tests that were done at the Cimeq this past weekend and the previous ones done here in Caracas. For the Brazilian doctor who is participating in the medical team guiding the decisions to be made, these tests confirmed the opinions given months ago by his colleagues in the Hospital Sirio Libanés of São Paulo, that the steroids that were applied to the president in order to give him strength, lift his spirits and provide him with a healthier appearance, were counterproductive. The doctors from Sao Paulo, place the blame on the steroid abuse for the rapid growth of the tumor that was found.

Once the doctors have the results of the biopsies made on the various organs on Tuesday morning during the surgical procedure that took one hour and forty-five minutes, they will be able to determine the treatment or treatments to follow. To move ahead, before the results, would be speculative. If the decision is to once again apply chemotherapy starting in April, as we mentioned last week, the use of steroids will be forbidden.

This poses a major source of worry to the patient, since the physical deterioration caused by such a strong chemical cocktail would be rapidly evident. Amid this situation there is great paranoia in the Cimeq for fear that this very real medical information should be leaked. If our previous information caused an impact on them, the information of Dr. Merval Pereira regarding the liver, or the information given by the Venezuelan doctor residing in Naples, Florida, Dr. Rafael Marquina (@marquina04) almost giving real time details of what was being tested in Cuba, have caused the interrogation of doctors and nurses at the Cimeq.   

Although he is a specialist in pulmonary and sleep medicine, Dr. Marquina made some “virtual” analyses in which he introduced true elements of the presidential ailments. All this has been originated by the lack of transparency of information on the part of the government.


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