Sunday, September 18, 2011

Batista's Departure

To clarify my prior post about Fidel's speech on January 9, 1959, I did not mean to imply that Batista left on that date, too. He departed about midnight on December 31, 1958 from Camp Columbia, a military air base. At the time, Castro was in Oriente province in far eastern Cuba, having just defeated Batista's army. He began a caravan on January 1, 1959 from Santiago de Cuba west to Havana, arriving there to speak on January 9th.

I read a joke on an English language blog written by Rebeca Monzo from Cuba:

A teacher asks her students what is the future tense of the infinitive "to protest?"
Without hesitating a second, Pedro raises his hand and answers, "prison."

So much for democracy in Fidel's Cuba.

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