Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scruffy Is Now Fluffy!

Tracy from Carr's Mobile Grooming did a fabulous job and Scruffy was relaxed though the whole procedure. Of course I paced outside like an expectant father waiting for news from the delivery room. As promised, here's a shot of Scruffy fresh from the groomer's van:

Today, we tempted fate (Scruffy gets car sick) and took him to Green Acres, a garden nursery. It is August Dog Days there, and all customers with dogs got a discount with any purchase. The dogs got free treats and toys. Scruffy put his feet in the wading pool and patiently waited as her paw was used as an ink stamp for a Christmas ornament (see below).

Food for non-canines was provided by Drewski's Hot Rod's, an upscale food truck. The special was sliced granny smith apples and brie, sprinkled with almonds, grilled on a panini maker. Yum!

The weekend was not all fun and games. I did have time for reflection on a story I had heard. A friend told me of a priest at Assisi who extinguished the votive candles after a busload of tourists left the church. When asked why he did that he explained that the candles could be reused by the next busload. But what of the dreams and wishes embodied in the hope of the flame? "What they don't know won't hurt them!" the priest explained. Not sure, but I think this vignette belongs in The Death of the White Rose.

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