Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Note to My Non-registered Readers

I have discovered that starting a blog is more complicated than I thought. I have received several e-mails from readers with suggestions and questions about the book. All comments, positive and negative are welcome. Only, I do wish you would register to follow the blog and post your comments in the blog, rather than e-mail me directly. That way other readers may be prompted to enter into a diaolog about writing and reading or anything else that this blog might prompt them about. Furthermore, some of you are very funny and it is a shame to waste your humor on me alone. Use this blog as a platform for your sterling whit!

Not much writing today as the morning was spent finding a groomer for Scruffy, our new puppy. Here is a "before" picture.

Tomorrow, Carr's Mobile Pet Groomer will drive up our driveway to snip away. I'll post an "after" picture when he is newly groomed.

One comment I received questioned the name of Pedro Villanueva. Pedro is a common name in every Hispanic country. It is particularly important to me because of the Pedro Pan exodus that occurred. This is the name given to event that saw thousands of children being sent to foster care in the US after the revolution started to turn ugly in 1960. The exodus was supported by the Catholic Church. All that was missing was Tinkerbell.

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